Top 3 Apps for Surviving in Japan as a Vegan

Smartphones do not only help to find your way around the city but can also be a great asset when it comes to vegan life and travel in Japan. To make you life easier, this article introduces three apps you should download right now.

1. HappyCow

HappyCow is one of the best things I ever discovered! It is a gigantic database of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, cafés and shops all around the world. Is has been a lifesaver on most of my trips and the app (available on Android and iOS) is a great addition to any travel planning. The little money you spend on it is definitely worth it but the website is fully functional too.

If you don’t have HappyCow on your phone yet take a break before continuing to read and download it immediately. It is a amazing.

HappyCow is one of the best resources out there for vegans and I highly encourage people to add their findings and help to build the database. From Paris to Tokyo if you are in any larger city you’ll find a listing in HappyCow.

Do you want to learn more about how to use the HappyCow app to its best potential? Then this article is for you!

2. Google Translate

Have no idea what the ingredient label is saying? Can’t read Japanese at all?

No problem!

Take a picture with Google Translate (available on Android and iOS) and get a live translation on your screen. To be honest, the translations can be a bit rough sometimes but it usually helps to get a good sense of what you are about to eat. This is one of the most convenient apps when it comes to surviving daily life in Japan as a vegan if you don’t know much Japanese (or any at all).

Want to see the magic of Google Translate? Let me show you how!

3. Meetup

Being vegan all on your own can be a bit isolating in Japan. Building a network and finding people that share your views on life and your vision is enriching in any way. One way to find fellow animal and environment lovers is the Meetup App (available on Android and iOS) . Meetup enables you to find local vegan groups or events and have a good talk with nice people over a drink or over dinner.

There is no vegan meetup near you? Setup your own group and wait for people to find you within seconds!


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