Websites on Veganism in Japan (in English)

Is it vegan? is a great website for learning about food-related terms in Japanese. Unfortunately it is not updated anymore.

Websites on Veganism (in Japanese)

To be updated

Useful websites & apps

HappyCow is one of the best things I ever discovered! It is a gigantic database of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, cafés and shops all around the world. Is has been a lifesaver on most of my trips and the app (available on Android and iOS) is a great addition to any travel planning. The little money you spend on it is definitely worth it but the website is fully functional too.

HappyCow’s Japanese counterpart is Vegewel a database of vegan and vegetarian establishments in Japan. They are also building up their English resources and definitely worth a visit.

Google Translate (available on Android and iOS) can come very handy when you’re not fluent in Japanese. The app lets you take a picture of the food labeling and translates it in real time. It’s obviously not perfect, but can give you a good overview on the ingredients and gives you some independence back without always having to ask your Japanese friends to come along for grocery shopping.

Movie recommendations

Cowspiracy (available on Netflix with English/Japanese subtitles) is a documentary on animal agriculture and their impact on the environment.

Earthlings (free to watch online) is a movie on human use (and abuse) of animal. Eye-opening for many people.

Facebook groups

Vegan Japan 日本ビーガン is one of the best places on facebook to ask for vegan advice. The members are very helpful und nice folks.

Tokyo Vegan / Vegetarian Friends Club is Japan’s largest local Facebook group on veganism and hosts regular events.

Is it Vegan? (Japan) helps you decrypt those Kanji on Japanese food labeling.

Japanese Vegan YouTube Channels

Aki’s Japanese Recipes for Vegans posts yummy vegan recipes that make your mouth water!

Ayano Channel is a relatively small channel, but offers easy recipes to cook at home.

Peaceful Cuisine cooking videos are like a mini-meditation session.

Vegan in Japan & Italy is a cute couple that mainly covers vegan lifestyle and food in Japan.

ヴィーガン男子 is an American guy doing videos in Japanese about weight training and vegan nutrition. If you’re into working out, this might be for you.

Cooking books (English)

Deliciously Ella by Ella Mills (formerly Woodword) is a whole foods based cooking book series with seriously delicious content!

Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon provides creative and colorful dishes – especially love the breakfast recipes!

Isa does it by Isa Moskowitz is the bible of simple yet great everyday dishes.

Cooking books (Japanese)

Izumi Shōji has published a ton of cooking books with Japanese inspired vegan cuisine! Her instructions are easy to follow and she has published a book on nearly every occasion you can think of!