How to Use HappyCow as a Vegan in Japan

Why you should use HappyCow while traveling and living in Japan

HappyCow is the best app when it comes to traveling as a vegan or even discovering your own city. While the website is good enough to fulfill everyday need, the app is worth every Cent (and doesn’t even cost much to begin with) and lets you basically create your own vegan directory. The app is available on Android and iOS and with one click lets you find find vegan places nearby or search for a specific city and have them displayed as a list or on a map. Different icons differentiate between vegan, vegetarian or veggie-friendly places and make it easy to spot the best option for you. The keyword search is another great feature if you are for example especially looking for a place selling cake. Mark your favourites with a hearts and find them easily in a separate favourites folder.

Plan your trip with HappyCow

One of my most beloved features of the HappyCow app is the trip planning option. You can create folders for multiple places within the app and neatly organize your favourite vegan establishments within them. Again, you can display the selected places as a list or as a map. To be honest, before planning any sightseeing I usually open HappyCow and save any vegan places I want to go to… Who cares about Tokyo Tower when you can have amazing Ramen at T’s Tantan first, right? 😉

Contribute to make it even better

HappyCow is fully based on its members support, so whenever you find a new place that hasn’t been listed feel free to add it to the database to grow it and make it easier for the next person. Other members will also appreciate it if you leave reviews or add pictures to the places you have been to. It’s also a good to find out whether the place has English-speaking staff or an English menu. Moreover, if anything has changed such as opening hours or location you can request an edit of the listing and submit updated details.

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