Hi! My name is Michelle and would like to introduce you to the world of vegan life and travel in Japan.

I’m originally from Berlin/Germany (highly recommended to any vegans!) but Japan has become my home away from home. I turned vegetarian when I stumbled upon an animal rights demonstration in my early teens and transitioned to veganism at the end of 2012.

When I first came to Japan as a vegan I spent hours in the supermarket reading labels and translating them with my electronic dictionary (this was before I owned a smartphone…). Since then Japan has become a lot more vegan-friendly but it is still believed to be a tough place for vegans – mostly because of the language and culture barrier.

Michelle with two melon mascots.

This is me in Hokkaido with two melon mascots.

Purpose of The Vegan Guide to Japan

I created The Vegan Guide to Japan to help you navigating yourself through this country as a vegan and to share my experience with you to make vegan life and travel in Japan easier. I want to show you the variety of possibilities and encourage you to explore the beauties of Japan.

The goal of this website is to create resources for vegans and like-minded people to help you save animals and the environment – regardless of whether you live in Japan or come to explore the country for a shorter time frame.

If you are new here, I highly recommend these three articles to get you started!

  1. Apps for Surviving in Japan as a Vegan
  2. The Vegan A to Z: An Introduction to Japanese
  3. Pet Sitting and House Sitting in Japan: A Guide for Pet Owners and Sitters

I have tons of ideas for upcoming post, but if you want me to write about a specific topic, have a question or want to collaborate, feel free to message me.